Laps or Lengths? Asthma and Exercise

Far-reaching benefits of exercise for health

This is a really nice study examining the effects of 3 different training regimes:

  • swimming,
  • football and
  • exercise

on asthma control in children aged between 9 and 16 years. T

The Benefits of the Regimes

The main findings are as follows

  • Asthma control improved in all groups when compared to a group who did no exercise
  • All three groups also showed improvement in objective lung function testing
  • Swimmers showed the most improvement

Exercise Guidance

Many children with asthma are cautious with exercise for fear they will make their symptoms worse. However, with guidance from your doctor and the right medications there is no reason your child with asthma should not be able to fully participate in sporting activities.

Carew C, Cox D. Laps or lengths? The effects of different exercise programmes on asthma control in children. J Asthma. 2017 Sep